How To Fix a Gummy Smile

Rhonda Swant - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Until now, men and women with a “gummy” smile have only had extreme options involving orthodontics, and/or surgery to effectively improve their smile. A gummy smile, or a smile with a significant amount of gums showing can affect a person’s positive opinion of themselves.

Typically only dentists or orthodontists have been sought after to address this issue. Dentists might suggest orthognathic surgery where the upper maxilla is surgically altered to reduce the amount of gums showing. This can be a painful and expensive surgery. Periodontists or “gum specialists” might recommend crown lengthening by cutting away the gums at the top of the teeth. This is also a painful and expensive surgery and is limited by the amount of gum tissue that can be successfully removed. Orthodontists will typically recommend correcting the position of the teeth to help even out and straighten the position of the teeth which can help soften the look of an extra “gummy” smile.

Here at Trilogy Medical Center, we have had amazing results correcting “gummy” smiles with the use of Botox® to significantly drop the upper lip down and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® filler to plump up the lips. With just a few needles pricks in a short office visit the problem can be significantly improved as seen in the before and after images above.

This beautiful lady in the before/after photos came to Trilogy recently after being told by her dentist that she would need surgery to fix her severe gummy smile. He suggested she try lip filler to help reduce it a little but told her she would still likely need surgery. After having already tried Botox® in the past she was reluctant to try it again. Our amazing certified master injector and registered nurse, Roxanne Lewallen, asked her if she would be willing to try Botox® again using a different technique that she created in combination with lip filler. She agreed and Roxi went to work. Just five days later and look at these fantastic results! Needless to say our patient is very happy with her results.

If you or someone you know has a “gummy smile”, thin lips, deep wrinkles, acne scars or any other unwanted facial feature, come in for a FREE consultation. Consultations are always free! Call Trilogy Medical Center at 801-747- 2273.