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Trilogy Medical Center invites you to experience the finest aesthetic, cosmetic treatments available today.

Our focus is on providing an exceptional experience, and personal service, in a comfortable, soothing environment to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. The Trilogy staff is highly skilled and certified with the latest technology, to deliver a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for personal skin care, weight loss, hormone treatment, or any of the many services and treatments offered.

Dr. Reuben and the Trilogy Medical Surgery team of licensed providers offer exceptional service in an atmosphere that is calm and relaxed. We provide a deep portfolio of personalized treatments designed to enhance your appearance and nourish your skin. You will love the rejuvenated and healthy feeling you enjoy after visiting the Trilogy Medical facility.

We look forward to your visit. Our staff members will work tirelessly to make your experience the best it can be. Let our dedicated, knowledgeable practitioners help develop a personalized treatment plan selected from the best of today’s medical and cosmetic skin care advancements.

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Dr. Brian Reuben M.D.

Dr. Reuben is always willing to spend the extra time to make sure that patients are well informed and able to express their realistic goals.

Dr. Reuben is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, and the Chief of Plastic Surgery at LDS Hospital, who brings his extensive training from Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh and Belgium to our community here in the Salt Lake Valley. Raised in the outskirts of Milwaukee, WI, and educated in Minnesota, Dr. Reuben quickly acquired the down-home morals of the “salt of the earth” Midwesterners – an important quality for plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City. Dr. Reuben continued his education by obtaining his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin followed by a full six year general surgery residency at the University of Utah. Although he truly loved his time in general surgery, it is plastic surgery that is his true calling. Dr. Reuben completed his board certification in general surgery and then went on to pursue an additional three years of plastic surgery training at one of the most prestigious and well respected plastic surgery training programs in the nation – the University of Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh, Dr. Reuben had the opportunity to train under several of the nation’s top plastic surgeons in the fields of both reconstructive plastic surgery as well as cosmetic surgery.


It was there, under the guidance of Dr. J. Peter Rubin and Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, two of the most highly respected body contouring surgeons in this country, that Dr. Reuben developed a passion and keen understanding of the surgical care of the massive weight loss patient. The University of Pittsburgh is also heavily weighted in reconstructive microsurgery and it is also here that Dr. Reuben developed thorough training in muscle sparing breast reconstruction flaps.

With a passion for breast microsurgery, Dr. Reuben went on to pursue additional training in Gent, Belgium, with one of the world’s foremost leaders in DIEP breast reconstruction. It was here that Dr. Reuben gained extensive experience in cutting edge techniques for creating the aesthetic ideal in breast reconstruction. Dr. Reuben’s vast international training experience in breast microsurgery makes him an excellent choice for breast surgeries.

In addition to his extensive education and training, Dr. Reuben has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals throughout the various surgical fields he has trained in. Dr. Reuben continues to value his role as a surgeon, scientist and student of the surgical principles and aesthetic ideals.

Clear communication, education and an open forum for discussion is how he likes to approach consultations with his plastic surgery and post-weight loss surgery patients in Salt Lake City. Dr. Reuben is always willing to spend the extra time to make sure that patients are well informed and able to express their realistic goals.




Dr. Clayton brings to Trilogy a wealth of experience in the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. He comes to us with 34 years of plastic surgery experience, the last 5 years with Intermountain Health Care where last year, among all the physicians in the South Valley division, he was voted #2 in Patient Satisfaction! (#1 was a psychiatrist)

Dr. Clayton comes from a family of plastic surgeons. His father, John L. Clayton, MD, was one of the early plastic surgeons in Utah. All three of the senior Dr. Clayton’s sons followed him into medicine. “Dr. Dave” and his older brother both attended medical school at the University of Utah where David graduated with Surgery Honors in 1976. They both completed a combined residency in both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI. Returning to Utah, they both joined their father, and Clayton Plastic Surgery was born.

After 16 years practicing all together, the senior Dr. Clayton retired, and the practice was continued by the brothers. In 2010, Drs. David and John were invited to join Intermountain Health Care, and that takes us back to the beginning of our story.


As a plastic surgeon who wants only the best for his patients, Dr. Clayton is delighted to join Trilogy, where patients are treated with respect, in a safe and supremely comfortable environment. His experience has taught him that patients want their goals to be understood, their privacy respected, and their treatments done in a certified, safe, and professional facility. And, of course, patients want their plastic surgeon to be experienced and good at what he does!

Dr. David Clayton is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Utah Plastic Surgery Society, and the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

As the very first doctor in Utah to perform liposuction (1983), Dr. Clayton has taught this operation at the national level, including publications in national and international plastic surgery journals, and has the largest experience with liposuction in the state! He loves all types of cosmetic surgery, and enjoys a wonderful reputation for his facelifts, eyelid surgery, and nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), as well as other body contouring surgeries, including tummy tucks, breast augmentations, reductions, and lifts (Mommy Makeovers). His motto has always been, “the best plastic surgery is the one done RIGHT the first time.” Getting it “RIGHT the first time” comes from skill, precision, artistry, and especially, experience. Dr. Clayton married Allison, the Love of his Life, in 1973, and they have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

Oh, yes… Dr. Clayton’s younger brother, Dr. Paul Clayton, deviated from the family tradition, and became an anesthesiologist. Very useful for a family of plastic surgeons!


Rhonda Swant, Master Aesthetician

Rhonda Swant has worked in the medical and aesthetics industry for the last 30 years. She is a certified Medical Assistant and has extensive experience as an OR Technician in maxillofacial and plastic surgery. She has been trained extensively in laser procedures and permanent cosmetics. Rhonda’s expertise are not just “skin deep”; she has a passion for exercise, nutrition and weight loss. She has been successful in counseling patients for 15 years in weight loss programs, with remarkable success rates. Rhonda is an experienced, confident professional with a strong work ethic, and a genuine love for her patients. Rhonda’s greatest trait is her vitality. You will immediately feel energized and comforted by her personality and humanity.


Dolph Carmichael, Office Manager

Dolph Carmichael hails from back east, and comes to us with 5 years experience in the medical spa industry, where he has held both marketing and managerial positions. His proficiency puts him on the cutting edge of aesthetic technology.

Dolph’s expertise is in bariatrics, skincare, and body contouring. He is a believer that true beauty comes from within, and consequently promotes a lifestyle of mindful nutrition and moderate living. Additionally, Dolph holds a degree in International Business, with a minor in Portuguese.

We are thrilled to have him on our team and look forward to learning from the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to our practice.


Kellie McFall, Nurse Practitioner

Kellie McFall, FNP is our Master Hormone Specialist, who graduated as a family nurse practitioner in 2002. She is not only certified in family practice medicine, she too carries Certification in Dermal fillers, Advance certification in Botox and Post Graduate certification in aesthetics. Kellie is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging. She has extensive specialty training in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, and has done it for the past 13 years. Kellie has trained with some of the best hormone doctors in the field. She enjoys helping patients achieve their sexual desires, health and wellness goals. Since Kellie is so specialized, we have patients flying from all over the United States that want to be treated. She has had her own private practice for twelve years and is working in 9 different locations in Utah. She is a true inspiration as an individual. She delivers 110% empathy, compassion and effort, to all of her patients. She loves to travel, cook and spend quality time with her family. Kellie’s greatest trait is her sincerity. Her friendliness and honesty is evident in her interactions with her patients.


Roxanne Lewallen, Registered Nurse

Roxanne LeWallen has been a Registered Nurse for 10 years and has worked in various patient care areas: Oncology/Hematology, Surgical/Neuro Trauma, and the OR. She holds certifications in Chemotherapy/Biotherapy, Autologous Stem Cell transplant administration, Neurotoxin/Dermal Filler Injectables and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Pelleting. She is a Certified Master Injector with Allergan and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses. She is also a nationally ranked NPC bikini fitness competitor and a certified barre instructor who enjoys spending her time educating her patients and others, about health, fitness and nutrition. Roxanne’s perfectionist persona is evident in the time she spends listening to her patients, to design the best facial artistry for each and every one of them. Her strong ability to transform a patient to their desirable needs is remarkable. Roxanne’s greatest trait is her charm. She’s one to listen, encourage and sweep you off your feet.


Alexa Augat, Master Esthetician

Alexa Augat has been in the aesthetic industry for 2 years and is a Master Esthetician. Her passion for skin is unique. She designs treatments for her clientele based off their unique skin types, desires and what is best suited for their needs. Alexa has had extensive training with lasers, chemical peels, waxing, and makeup artistry. She stays in the know with all the latest aesthetic products and technologies. In her spare time, she enjoys all outdoor activities. Alexa’s greatest trait is her genuine character. Clients instantly fall in love will her and she will make you feel comfortable during your treatments.


Audrey Kenwood, Master Esthetician

Audrey Kenwood has been a Master Esthetician for 16 years, hailing from Las Vegas where the beauty and party never ends. Audrey’s passion for skin is endless. She has extensive training with lasers, skin care products, clinical ingredients and facial regimens. Her knowledge goes beyond skin and she takes the time to acknowledge her patient’s desires. Audrey helps her clients achieve superior results by combining the hottest skin care and medical technologies, while ensuring her clients receive the finest treatment possible. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her loved ones, snowboarding and catching up on beauty blogs. Audrey’s greatest trait is her down to earth personality. People instantly connect with her warm, welcoming demeanor.


Whitney Wiser, Master Esthetician

Whitney Wiser has been a Master Esthetician since 2002. Her love for the aesthetic industry is evident in her loyal clientele. Whitney’s passion and in-depth training, has made her well known throughout the Salt Lake Valley for her unique eyebrow shaping technique and is indeed, “The Brow Guru”. Whitney’s greatest trait is her ability to personally connect with individuals, as she is a great listening ear for each client.


Lisa Tang, Certified Coolsculpting Director

Lisa Tang has worked in the medical and aesthetics industry for the last 6 years in California. She is a Certified Master Coolsculpting Specialist, whom also has extensive training as an OR Technician in Orthopedic and Micrographic (skin cancer) surgery. She has been a Master Body Contouring Specialist for 5 years and it’s where her passion lies. She went through extensive training in the Bay area of California, where Coolsculpting originated. Lisa brings her unique talents to be able to contour bodies, and has treated thousands of them! In return, she has achieved pleased clients with amazing results. She has discovered life’s most rewarding when she can help an individual feel confident. Lisa has helped 2 practices become Certified Diamond Members with Zeltiq, Coolsculpting. In her spare time she enjoys outdoor activities, baking and DIY decor. Lisa’s greatest trait is her smile, as she is a strong believer that “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.”


Laura Winegar, Hormone Specialist Coordinator

Laura Winegar is our Hormone Specialist Coordinator. She’s been in the medical and aesthetic industry for 20 years. Not only is Laura educated about our hormones, she also carries a wide range of knowledge in aesthetics. Alongside Kellie, she assists in patients receiving the best care possible. In her spare time she dabbles in art and is active in her community. Laura’s greatest trait is her approachable demeanor. Her willingness to contribute and provide understanding makes her delightful to work with.


Kitt Raymond, Front Desk Lead

Kitt Raymond is our Front Desk Lead. She has been in the beauty and administrative industry for the last 29 years. She brings incredible customer service skills to Trilogy, and will help make your experience here a pleasant one. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her grandchildren. Kitt’s greatest trait is her sincere personality. Her interactions make our clients feel warm and welcomed. We are fortunate to have Kitt as the welcoming face of Trilogy.


Toni Linsenmeyer, Surgical Coordinator

Toni Linsenmeyer is our astonishing Surgical Coordinator. From multi-tasking, organization and problem-solving, this woman has it all down. Toni has directed and managed for 15 years, carries International Expansion and Business experience, and has translation skills as well. Toni’s capability to work under stress has shown her team great leadership. Not only does she have management expertise, but she possesses extensive knowledge in Plastic Surgery and will have all the answers you need. Her kindness and professionalism will ensure you have the best experience possible; from stepping foot into the office, to being on the surgical bed and recovery. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, loves spending time with her kids, traveling and charity work. Toni’s greatest trait is her leadership. She can guide any individual to success.


Sierra Walton, Surgical Tech

Sierra Walton is our astounding Surgical Tech. She has been an OR tech for 8 years. Not only does she have Plastic Surgery under her belt, she has also assisted in Neuro, Ortho, Vascular, and many other outpatient surgery centers. Sierra is board-certified with the Association of Surgical Technologists, and is BLS certified. She has extensive training in suturing and sterilization. In her free time, she loves her adventurous hikes and baking up a storm in the kitchen. Her greatest trait is her work ethic. She dedicates time to broad training in the OR, and makes sure our patients feel comfortable and at ease.


Avrea Tovar, Front Office

Avrea joins our front office team and brings her diverse way of thinking along with years of vast experience in both sales and customer service.

She is thrilled to continue her education in the industry and takes pride in both the work she produces and the personal attention she gives to everyone that comes in. Her goal is to provide exceptional service to each individual whether it is in the office or over the phone. When she is not in the office, Avrea enjoys spending time with her two children, her boyfriend in Orlando, and traveling as often as she can.


Excellent Doctors

Dr. Reuben and Dr. Clayton bring a wealth of experience, education and training so you know you're getting the best.

Highly Trained Staff

Our highly skilled staff is certified with the latest technology and have extensive experience in performing each service.

Comfortable Private Office

Our recently remodeled facility was designed to provide a private, comfortable, soothing environment.

Latest Technology

At Trilogy Medical Center we use only the latest technology and best equipment to ensure the best possible result.