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Belotero Balance is a newer-generation injectable that is great for filling in fine lines. It is often used for the lines running vertically from the side of the nose to the edge of the mouth. It can also be used for fine lines above and below the lips or for help filling in hollows under the eyes (tear troughs). Here are the answers to questions people typically have about this product.

What is Belotero made of? Is it safe?

Belotero is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin. When injected, it attracts water and acts almost like a sponge as it expands to fill in wrinkles. It is FDA approved. HA, or hyaluronic acid, has been used for many years in skin treatments. However, Belotero is made with a proprietary process and the result is a smooth gel producing a very natural look and feel.

How long does it take to get results? How long does Belotero last?

The great thing with Belotero is that you will notice a difference immediately! A treatment usually lasts 6 months. A positive side effect to this treatment is that when Belotero is injected, your body naturally increases its collagen production in that area. Collagen is the protein our bodies produce that naturally makes skin firm and supple. Over time, you may actually need less frequent visits and smaller doses of Belotero thanks to the long-term benefits of creating new collagen.

How is it injected? How long does it take? Is there downtime?

Belotero is injected with a fine gauge needle, so pain is minimal. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes. There is little if any downtime or after care. Common side effects include some redness and swelling in the area for up to 7 days. It is recommended to avoid strenuous activities and sun exposure for 24 hours.

How is Belotero different from fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane?

Belotero is a thinner gel, making it ideal for fine lines. Juvéderm and Restylane are thicker and better for deeper wrinkles. Another reason Belotero is good for fine wrinkles is that some other fillers, when used close to the surface of the skin will leave a blue-ish tinge to the skin called the Tyndall effect. Luckily, Belotero doesn’t have this effect.

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