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Going through Menopause? Get A Grip!

Rhonda Swant - Monday, August 14, 2017

Menopause. That inevitable time in every woman’s life, when you turn in your tampons and monthly periods (yay!), but in exchange Mother Nature hands you hot flashes, moodiness, weight gain, and strange hairs that seemingly pop up overnight on your chin and other unwelcome places.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, your sex drive might be suffering because it actually hurts to have sex. Your lady bits, are shall we say, “Not accommodating” because you are dry, and the tissues in your vagina might be starting to thin due to lower estrogen levels. You also might not feel as tight “down there” due to childbirth and the effects of aging. You might pee a bit when you laugh, exercise or cough. All of these things can make sex really uncomfortable and lead to embarrassment. Not fair. Being menopausal shouldn’t mean this is the end of your sex life. You should be enjoying sex now, more than ever, and now you finally can thanks to a new technology called CO2re Intima.

CO2re Intima is a revolutionary, quick, painless procedure created to restore vaginal tone and health. Here’s how it’s done. You “assume the gyno exam position” as a small wand, which emits a gentle laser, is inserted into the vagina. This laser tightens, tones, helps to rebuild healthy tissue, and restores moisture levels to the vaginal walls in as little as one treatment! There is no downtime either. You can have sex right after your treatment if you are so inclined. Go on try it out! You will be amazed. Your partner will be amazed.

The professionals at CO2re Intima recommend three treatments for the best cumulative results, but you will see and feel the effects after the very first treatment. So get a grip! Do not let menopause get in the way of an enjoyable sex life and a healthy, well functioning vagina. Call Trilogy Medical Center today! (801) 747-2273 they will be happy to answer your questions and book all of your appointments. Ask them about their specials!

Here is what our customers are saying…

“After completing three treatments with CO2re Intima, I don’t drip pee when I workout anymore. I am so much tighter! My partner can’t get enough and frankly, neither can I. WOW.”

Stacey, West Jordan




“I was a little scared at first, what if it hurt? It actually felt nice, it was warm and pleasant. And after the first treatment I went home and wanted to see if I felt any different. Let’s just say, my husband and I didn’t have to use a lubricant and sex was the best we have had in years. Thank you!"
Joan, SLC

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