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How Does a non-surgical butt-lift work?

Traditional surgical butt-lift procedures involve scalpels, implants, surgery and down time. The new non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift involves several syringes of injectable filler similar to the filler used to bring fullness to the lips. The filler is then injected skillfully, and depending on the type of filler used, results can last up to five years! Our patients who have tried the Brazilian Butt Lift boast a sexier more contoured shape, a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a more lifted and youthful rear end!

Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Injections

Let's be truthful; a curvy round, ample behind is a beautiful asset, and stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian are all famous for theirs. Women today want to copy the ideal Hollywood butt but would prefer not to undergo the not-always- perfect implant surgery. That is why the genius concept of the Brazilian butt lift is so popular.

Technology, Training And The Perfect Aesthetic Eyes

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that the safe and simple office procedure has become as trendy as breast enhancement. Instead of shunning their unique ethnic features like an ample bottom, women today are heading to the specialists at Utah's Trilogy Medical Center who can re- define their cultural heritage. Women aren't having their curves whittled away through cosmetic procedures that were popular years ago; they are augmenting the butt for sexier, ethnic appeal.

Any dermatological expert can learn a procedure, but only those highly skilled and versed in the principles of beauty and artistic taste can deliver spectacular results for each patient using the finest technology working behind them.

The professionals at Trilogy Medical Center are well- respected leaders in the industry's surgery, aesthetics, skin care and wellness arenas. The center prides itself on offering a free consultation to see if one's a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

Injection #1 For The Uber Hollywood Behind

The scientific breakdown of the butt lift is easy to understand, and there are two injection substances available for designing the ultimate, gorgeous behind. The first one involves PRP or platelet rich plasma.

  • The surgeon liposuctions fat from the patient's body (like the belly or inner thighs) and draws a small amount of blood from the arm.
  • The two components are then spun in a centrifuge, and the harvested fat and PRP are then injected into the rear end during a Brazilian butt lift.
  • The butt fat is then sculpted into a fuller, more shapelier behind.

Patients like the butt lift procedure because there is no chance for infection since it is their own fat. Experts also like working with the patient's personal body fat because it is pliable and gives them more control on sculpting the silhouette. The patient enjoys getting a rounder behind with butt fat and trimming down their belly or thighs at the same time.

Injection #2 For The Uber Hollywood Behind

Another choice in butt lift procedures involves using an incredible injectable material called Sculptra. It is ideal for the patient who does not have enough fat to transfer into their buttocks. It's a quick 30-minute procedure and an injectable that stimulates collagen growth, adding more volume and thickness to the butt with each passing day. Sculptra is used as micro-invasive injections just below the skin.

Sculptra is a synthetic material called poly-L- lactic acid and has also been used to successfully add volume to facial contours.

Don't Sit, Get Up And Make The Call Now

The perfect butt is a personal thing, and the specialists at Trilogy Medical Center treat each patient as a unique individual. Beauty science has made tremendous advances in techniques, materials and technology, and designing the ideal butt today is no longer a dream. It's a real goal one can achieve.

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