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Women who want to elevate sagging breasts and restore a firmer, rounder shape are good candidates for a breast lift. Our Salt Lake City plastic surgeon performs this surgery to repair a woman’s breasts after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging have caused drooping and deflation. They can make your breasts “perky” again.

If you live in or around Salt Lake City and breast lift might help improve both your appearance and outlook, request a consultation online or call our office at (801) 747-2273. Our board-certified plastic surgeon and their staff are eager to meet you and help you on your aesthetic journey.



Each breast lift procedure is designed to address a patient’s unique patterns of aging, sagging and volume loss. However, breast lift patients typically have:

  • Volume loss
  • Motivation to look and feel better
  • Sagging breasts
  • Enlarged aureolas
  • Breast asymmetry

Our surgeon will listen carefully to your goals for breast enhancement surgery at your personal consultation. If they determine you are a good candidate for a breast lift, they will collaborate with you to establish a surgery plan for the creation of your ideal breasts.


Your breast lift procedure begins with our surgeon making the incisions. They will use what’s known as a “lollipop incision,” which encircles the aureola and descends vertically down the breast. This allows them to remove excess tissue and skin, and lift and reshape the breast. They often reduce enlarged aureolas at the same time to match the more youthful contours of the breasts.

For some women who wish to increase the size of their breasts, this procedure may be preformed in conjunction with breast augmentation.


Our doctors will bandage your chest and wrap it in a compression garment after your procedure. This will allow your breasts to retain their newly youthful appearance. Most women will need to take about a week off of work. After this time, patients commonly resume their daily routines. However, our doctors will likely advise you to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for several weeks.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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