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Co2re Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation

What do aging gracefully, childbirth, sex, and other feminine life aspects have in common? They are sources of great satisfaction, yet can sometimes result in various types of self-consciousness. They also involve the most private and sensitive area of a woman's body. That is, the multifaceted external and internal vaginal complex. In the past, women worried about changes to their intimate regions happening over time. They believed these changes were permanent. Advances in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation however, are now helping to eliminate this concern.

A striking example of these advances is CO2RE Intima Vaginal Rejuvenation. This vaginal laser treatment utilizes the healing power of specific light energy emissions to restore muscle and skin tissues. The cause for most aesthetic and sensory problems in the vaginal and vulva areas is a loss of tissue integrity. In short, things like childbearing, intercourse, other physiological conditions, and time itself can cause collagen from being produced. Collagen is an important factor in skin and other tissues for maintaining a youthful appearance and function.

What Does a Lack of Vaginal Collagen Cause?

This is where the many issues of self-consciousness arise. Collagen helps a woman retain her natural form and feeling. The vagina is responsible for performing and assisting with many physical and psychological functions. Without the ability to repair, these functions can become traumas that take away a woman's confidence. Here are some examples.

  • Giving birth is uniquely feminine, but tissues stretch and lose sensitivity.
  • Pleasurable sexual experiences require optimal tissue elasticity and lubrication. The lack of collagen takes away control, and can cause personal dryness.
  • Thin vaginal walls are harder to control from the pelvic floor, and can contribute to incontinence.
  • Age naturally takes away collagen and skin elasticity, which creates the antiquated notions of older women not enjoying things like physical intimacy.
  • Clothing, feminine products, and everything listed above can darken skin pigmentation.

Traditionally, addressing any of these concerns required difficult rejuvenation surgery. These caustic procedures, even when performed by an expert, were not guaranteed to work as intended. Now, CO2RE proves there is a better way to regain feminine body confidence.

How Does CO2RE Work?

CO2RE laser energy is emitted from perfectly configured patterns along a comfortable hand-held device. This device is shaped much like a tampon, and is painless when administered by a CO2RE specialist.

As the device is inserted into the vagina, or applied to the labial areas, it emits energy that stimulates skin and tissue cells. The reason this process is considered rejuvenation is because it literally rebuilds the collagen-producing mechanisms in the tissues. For the woman being rejuvenated, there is no burning, itching, terrible pressure, or bruising and soreness afterward. A singular CO2RE treatment is enough to fully stimulate collagen production, and takes as little as 15 minutes in a doctor's office to complete. The recommended number of treatments for maximum results is three, along with an annual maintenance treatment.

Can Any Woman Qualify to Have CO2RE Treatment?

While collagen problems most often occur in mature women, any woman with a concern about the appearance and function of her vaginal area can benefit from treatment. Avoiding harsh traditional rejuvenation surgery by choosing CO2RE doesn't just address physical concerns. It is also a great tool for overall feminine wellness, and supporting personal efforts in intimacy and relationships.

Dissatisfaction in any way with the look and feel of internal and external vaginal features qualifies a woman to have a CO2RE rejuvenation. Remember, this is a specialized procedure, so consultation from a specialist regarding its efficacy is always part of the process.

Starting the CO2RE Process

Salt Lake City, Utah is home to one of the best CO2RE teams. Trilogy Medical Center provides body analysis and client counsel before administration of CO2RE. Before any rejuvenation commences, this team would like to extend an invitation to all women considering treatment. They offer a free consultation that addresses questions about the treatment including costs, qualifications, and potential results. Contact us by calling (801)747-2273, or by visiting

Vaginal laser treatment that is quick, painless, and ultimately effective is a reality. No matter your reason for being dissatisfied with your body, CO2RE can reverse self-conscious notions. It is also very practical for guaranteeing a fulfilling romantic life. Talk with Trilogy Medical Center to step onto the path of regaining the natural you.


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