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What is Dysport?

Dysport Salt Lake CityDysport is a type of Botox in that it’s made of the botulinum A toxin. One difference is that Dysport is more dilute and does not have as heavy a protein load as Botox. This means that it’s both easier to apply, works faster and brings less of a chance of the patient suffering an allergic reaction. Some cosmetic surgeons in Salt Lake City and patients claim that Dysport lasts longer than Botox.

Dysport has another advantage over regular Botox in that it spreads beneath the skin more. This cuts down on the bruising and swelling that is seen in Botox. Dysport has been approved by the FDA specifically to soften the look of frown lines, but dermatologists freely use it to lessen the appearance of marionette and bunny lines, crow’s feet, bands around the neck and the lines found around the lips of people who smoke. It’s also used for medical conditions such as spasticity in the arms and wryneck.

Members of the Botox family all work by interrupting neurotransmitters, which are chemical signals to and from the nerves that control the muscles in the injected area. This paralyzes the muscle and smooths out the wrinkle above it. Dysport and Botox have the added advantage that even if there are no touch-up treatments the wrinkle is never as prominent as it used to be, for the muscle has been “taught” or trained  to stay in its relaxed position.

Dysport Salt Lake City

The Dysport Treatment

A patient who opts for Dysport in Salt Lake City usually doesn’t need to have a topical anesthetic because the needles used are very fine. However, patients with sensitive skin can opt for a numbing agent. Ironically, this agent can take as long as a half an hour to work, while the treatment itself often doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes. Previously, the botulinin toxin was mixed with serum albumin, bottled and freeze dried, and the dermatologist revives it with saline solution in the moments before it’s injected beneath the patient’s skin. To better guide the needle, the dermatologist may ask the patient to scrunch up the muscle that’s to be treated.

Because Dysport spreads out more than regular Botox, the dermatologist who uses it needs to have an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human face. Badly applied face injections in Salt Lake City can lead to paralysis in areas where it’s not wanted, blurred vision or even flu-like symptoms.

After the Dysport Treatment

Dysport is an outpatient procedure, so after the injections the patient is allowed to rest with an ice pack for a few minutes, then leave the clinic and go about their usual business. Some patients even come to Trilogy Medical Center in Salt Lake City on their lunch hour and go back to work, though our dermatologists suggest that they take it easy for a day or two, avoid strenuous activity and not massage the area that’s been treated lest the toxin migrate into places where it’s unwanted. Even though the bruising is not as noticeable as it would be with regular Botox, there is still some swelling with Dysport. It disappears after a day or two.

Both men and women who live in the Salt Lake City area and are interested in Dysport should call for a consultation at Trilogy Medical Center 801-747- 2273. Read more about Dysport and other neurotoxins on our blog post, "Neurotoxins and Fillers Explained".

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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