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Sillouette Facial Salt Lake City

Facial of the Month

If you've ever tried laser skin treatments on the delicate skin on your face you already know about it's amazing benefits. Trilogy's newest facial treatment, The Silhouette Facial combines three different lasers: an IPL or Intense Pulse Laser, the RF laser and the YAG all in one skin-changing facial that treats three layers of skin: superficial, medium and deep. The results are overall skin tightening that looks dewy and refreshed.

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At Trilogy Medical Center, we are known for our wide variety of amazing facials! Thousands of women across the Salt Lake Valley and beyond come to us on a regular basis to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Check out all of our amazing facial options below and try them all! Don't know which facial is right for you? Read our blog post, "How do I choose the right facial?" for some guidance.

Vampire Glow Facial Salt Lake City

VAMPIRE GLOW FACIAL - Trilogy is known for it's innovative and life-changing facials and the new "Vampire Glow" facial is no different. This new facial combines two amazing skin-rejuvenating treatments in one; the IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) and the Vampire PRP Facial. Done together the results are even more dramatic and long-lasting. The new Vampire Glow facial erases flaws, uneven skin tone, small wrinkles, dryness and sun spots and more just like a magic eraser. The Vampire-Glow facial treatment leaves your skin looking beautiful and flawless for months.

Want to know more? Here’s the science behind the Vampire Glow Facial.


YAG FACIAL - Give your skin a new start. The Yag Facial uses the Yag laser to gently treat fine wrinkles and other small blemishes and imperfections. The Yag Facial improves acne significantly by extracting the oils and dirt that cause acne. This facial is perfect for men and women of all ages and improves skin texture, tone and vibrancy.

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DASHIAN GLOW - Summer is all about dewy, glowing, youthful skin. The Dashian-Glow Facial helps rejuvenate and smooth skin tone. Our red-light therapy helps build collagen and repair sun damaged skin. It also activates the lymphatic system to improve and detoxify the skin, decreases inflammation and increases healing & overall resilience. It’s pretty much the best facial to insure glowing skin all year long.

HYDRAFACIAL - If you're looking for a facial treatment that offers noticeable results, consider the Hydrafacial. Thanks to its innovative five-step process, these facials can greatly improve the overall health of the skin.

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RED CARPET FACIAL - The Red Carpet Facial is designed to hydrate, illuminate, and exfoliate. It's a combination of lactic acid and amino acids to give your skin that glow and leaves you feeling refreshed, glowing and ready for your big event!

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PRP VAMPIRE™ FACIAL - Also known as a blood facial, this skin treatment doesn’t require surgery, although it does require a needle to draw the client’s blood. Only the client’s own blood is used for this rejuvenating dermal treatment.

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CRYOFACIAL - The CryoFacial is a Cryogenic treatment, in which a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin of the face, scalp, and neck area. The CryoFacial™ is truly one of a kind.

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DEEP PORE - This active blend of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess cell debris to leave the skin hydrated, purified and clear. This is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types.

DERMASWEEP - This treatment is ideal for pigmentary disorders, photo-damage, early aging lines, acneic skin, dry and dehydrated skin, uneven skin texture, sensitive & fragile skin, and improving overall skin health. DermaSweep treatments deliver skin specific infusions into the skin with simultaneous exfoliation and increased circulation. When combined with mild to aggressive mechanical exfoliation, patients experience a relaxing, results oriented treatment, targeted at their specific skin care concern.

ULTRASONIC - The DermaSound Elite facial provides a new paradigm in skin care. The technology is referred to as a powerful ultrasound capable of gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing. In addition, the DermaSound will assist in penetrating anti-oxidants, enzymes, peptides, and hydrating products to reach the deep layers of skin. Included with this treatment, microcurrent treatments promote increased cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis.

MICRODERM/OXYGEN TREATMENT - This three step facial conditions the skin cells for higher tissue respiration while stimulating the skin’s metabolism to move toxins and destructive free radicals out of the tissue. Asphyxiated, acne, sluggish and smoker’s skin benefit greatly from this treatment. It will effectively help slow down the appearance of the visible signs of skin aging, kill bacteria and leave the skin glowing, clear and healthy-looking.

CHOCOLATE - A treatment full of antioxidants to deliver anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits. This facial has the perfect trio of cocoa, reservatrol and acai berry to deliver superior refining anti-aging and skin restorative benefits while influencing collagen production. Indulge in this mask and boost the skin’s ability to heal and repair itself to see softer and younger skin.

SKIN CLASSIC - This non-laser, high frequency technology delivers a quick and precise treatment for telangiectasis, cherry angiomas, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, and even milia. This treatment is quick and instantly effective. Small skin irregularities can disappear immediately.

SILHOUETTE FACIAL - The Silhouette Facial combines three different skin laser treatments: an IPL, RF and YAG all together. It uses 3 modalities. Superficial, medium and deep. The results are beautiful. Overall skin tightening and leaves the skin looking dewy and refreshed.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.