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Hydrodermabrasion Treatment Salt Lake City

What if we told you that we could deliver a red carpet celebrity complexion to you within 30 minutes?

Well, we can, thanks to the amazing skin care technology of the Hydro Luxx machine and the treatment called hydrodermabrasion. Best of all, this unique and sophisticated facial is ideal for all skin types and all ages and has the capability to zero in on multiple imperfections all at once.

Modern Skin Care At Its Finest

From acne to uneven skin tone to wrinkles, slight scars, large pores and even puffy eyes, this incredible machine improves them all. That's why the beauty buzz on hydrodermabrasion here in Salt Lake City is off the charts.

The super facial treatment is relaxing and never aggressive or painful, and each step of the procedure has a specific role. The Hydralux machine consists of special suction tips that dislodge all kinds of impurities and flushes them away with a powerful blast of water.

Triple-Action Complexion Tech

As you relax, your skilled aesthetic expert from Salt Lake City will use the device and specially designed tips to perform a trio of steps that create healthy, radiant skin:

  • Vacuum. Advanced suction technology superb at non-invasive skin resurfacing and cleansing pores
  • Exfoliation. Getting rid of dead skin cells and extracting impurities without damaging complexion
  • Hydration. Flushing out pores with precise technique and liquid action to nourish epidermis

Contemporary Microdermabrasion

Instead of using abrasive crystals and diamonds like in traditional microdermabrasion, the Hydralux machine has advanced to a special technology that uses a water and oxygen combination. This formula creates a soft, smooth skin texture and glowing complexion.

In addition, hydrodermabrasion revs the circulation and triggers lymph flow. Both are essential for healthy, rejuvenated skin and that all-important skin cell turnover that allows us to appear naturally youthful.

A series of hydrodermabrasion sessions may lead to long term results and the clear, radiant skin we all admire.

Post-Hydrodermabrasion Benefits

The beauty of this advanced skin care technology is in its ability to customize your individual complexion care needs. The sophisticated facial is ideal for all skin conditions and offers these anti-aging benefits:

  • Brighter skin tone
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • More balanced tone
  • Tighter Skin (jawline, forehead)
  • Subtle brow lifting
  • Thicker skin
  • Lift to upper cheeks
  • Improvement to scars/stretch marks
  • Softening of fine lines, brown spots

If you're seeking smooth, glowing, youthful skin, consider a hydrodermabrasion treatment performed by our aesthetic professionals here at Trilogy Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Learn more about how hydrodermabrasion compares to microdermabrasion on our blog!

Contact us today at 801-747-2273, and schedule an appointment or a free consultation to learn more.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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