Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment to enhance eyelash growth for people with inadequate or not enough lashes.

Mascara is a wonderful invention but it has its drawbacks. It can flake, it can be difficult to completely remove, and it doesn’t look very natural. When you are a middle school girl, wearing mascara can be really exciting, but after wearing it for 10, 20, or even 30 years, the excitement wears off. Big time!

Many of us don’t have the eyelashes we want. They can be blond, stubby, or thinned out. But all of us recognize that long eyelashes can drastically improve our appearance. To achieve this, some of us have worn fake eyelashes or have gotten eyelash extensions. Both of these solutions can temporarily give us the full, dark eyelashes we are hoping for. The only problem is that these solutions don’t last long. Fake eyelashes irritate our eyes after a while and then have to be taken off. The glue that keeps them on can take real eyelashes with it when it is taken off, so our real eyelashes look worse than ever. Eyelash extensions look great at first—so full. But then days after painstakingly getting them glued in place, eyelashes start to fall out. Again, real lashes often fall out with the fake ones. Grrr!

At Trilogy, we have an awesome solution to these frustrating eyelash cycles. It is an FDA approved drug called Latisse. Latisse has been around since 2008. Since then, millions of women and men have used Latisse and had success in growing their own thicker, longer, darker beautiful lashes. Isn’t this the perfect solution? Our eyelashes will look natural because they are! We won’t have to worry about irritating glues and more damage. It’s a win, win, win.

Latisse was developed by an ophthalmologist who noticed hair growth with a drug that helped regulate eye pressure. He figured out which ingredient was encouraging hair growth and developed Latisse.

Latisse is really easy to use and is available by prescription only. When you get it, you get a serum and some sterile applicators. To use Latisse, you wash all makeup away from your eye area. Then you take a sterile applicator and apply one drop of Latisse to the base of your upper lashes only. You don’t do your lower lashes. If the product happens to run, wipe it off, but if it gets in your eyes, rinsing your eyes isn’t necessary because it won’t hurt your eyes. And that’s it. You only apply it once a day. Using it twice a day doesn’t help your lashes to grow any faster, so stick to once a day. If you skip a day, just put it on the next day. You don’t have to double up on missed doses.

Plan on using this product for about 16 weeks to notice its full effects. You will love your lashes!

To maintain thicker eyelashes, even after 16 weeks, you have to continue taking this product. If you stop taking it, your eyelashes will gradually return to how they were before you started taking it. Eyelash care is just one of those things that you need to stay on top of.

Latisse causes very few side effects. A very small percentage of people who try it report redness and itching. If you have this side effect, talk to your doctor, but most people don’t have any side effects.

If you are interested in trying Latisse, call our office for an appointment. We’d love to get you started in developing the lashes you’ve always wanted.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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