“Obagi for Life” is our commitment to you and a lifetime of beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Our role as a worldwide leader in skin health is based on a belief that regardless of your age or skin type, there truly is an Obagi for everyone.

All ages. All skin types. There’s an Obagi for everyone…


While there are two products we strongly recommend using every single day—a cleanser and a sunscreen with SFP 30 of higher. We also recommend our Obagi Skin Care Systems. Once we perform a skin consultation and can identify your skin care needs we can pick out a system that will be just right for you. While each person has different skin types such as oily, dry or a combination there is a system for that. If you have issues such as acne or hyperpigmentation there is a system for that. Obagi also has one of the best systems in the market for Anti-aging. All of the Obagi systems will address your needs and help you achieve the healthy glowing skin you have always wanted.

Once we determine which Obagi skin care system that is right for you, you may wonder “why should I use all of the products in the system?” We love to use this chocolate chip cookie recipe metaphor to help you better understand. When baking chocolate chip cookies, each ingredient in your recipe must be included and it must be precise or your cookies won’t turn out as good as you expected—too much, too little or the wrong ingredient could render your cookies sub-par or even worse—completely inedible. Baking requires accurate measurements with the right ingredients or it won’t work. Obagi Systems perform the same way. They are a carefully engineered “recipe” of ingredients delivered through a sequence of products to give your skin optimal results.

Call Trilogy today and meet with one of our skin care professionals to see which Obagi system would be right for you!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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