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Restylane Defyne Salt Lake CityAge causes the skin to lose elasticity, so the lines running across our faces from the sides to our nose towards the corners of our mouths (nasolabial folds) and the lines that connect from the corner of the mouth and to the chin (marionette lines) stand out more. Therefore, this product is the perfect treatment for removing these lines without causing the change in the way these lines actually move on our faces.

Clinical studies indicate that 97 percent if subjects who participated in the study were satisfied with the results within one month. The same 97 percent said they would have the treatment done again if need be. At the same time, 95 percent of participants indicated that they would recommend this study to someone else. These numbers show that Restylane Defyne is the right choice for dealing with these smile and laugh lines.

Restylane Defyne uses dermal fillers to revitalize these lines and fill them once more, so they are not as pronounced. These injections work to support these lines naturally without changing your appearance. Instead, this gel works with the facial expressions you already have and fills them to look more youthful.

The Restylane product family, including Defyne, work by applying mid-to-deep injections into facial tissue to realign and revitalize moderate and severe wrinkles and folds in the face. Removing nasolabial folds and marionette lines in patients over the age of 21 works well, as studies previously mentioned indicate.

A specialist should be sought out for this procedure. Make sure to hold a conversation with your doctor about your medical history to determine if this treatment is right for you. You should not use this product if you have severe allergic reactions to this treatment, are allergic to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins found in hyaluronic acid. Also, it should be noted that women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or who are breastfeeding should approach this procedure with caution as studies thus far have not included these factors. Also, if you are planning on laser treatments or a chemical facial peel, then there is a risk for inflammation at the injection site for this treatment.

It is the perfect treatment for nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and another type of smile and laugh lines. They provide lift through dermal fillers to these areas of the face for the sake of making a face appear more youthful. If you want to be on the way to a younger-looking face that appears natural, contact one of our specialists today.

Restylane REFYNE

Support Your Skin, Look and Feel Like Yourself Again

Restylane Refyne Salt Lake City

Reflecting What We Feel On The Inside

We all have days when we look in the mirror and don't always like what we see. It is a part of human nature. It is also a part of our bodies natural processes to stop producing as much collagen as it once did. As we age the glands that flush toxins from our system weaken and don't always work as efficiently. The build up of toxins coupled with the reduction in collagen can start to show in various ways we see on our faces. Our skin loses that elasticity we used to see in it and it can be disconcerting. You may even find there are times when you look in the mirror and you don't feel like your looking at yourself anymore. Who is this person in the mirror? Because they don't look like the fun energetic person, I feel like on the inside.

The Next-Generation of Dermal Fillers

Restylane REFYNE is a next-generation Hyaluronic acid dermal filler with XpresHAn technology that can give you a refreshed and youthful appearance while still allowing you to retain natural movement. Instead of resorting to surgery or another procedure to help you combat those age lines, why not try something that will instead work with you and support your skin giving you a more natural look. It works by using a gel to support your skin and reduce those lines without restricting your normal facial movements. You will still be able to smile, frown and make faces just like you always would, you can give your skin the support it needs after its elasticity has started to fade over the years.

Use Restylane REFYNE for Deep to Moderate Laugh Lines

Restylane REFYNE works with your skin to give you the most natural feel and look possible. It's used to target laugh lines like the nasolabial fold, the lines that go from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth and marionette lines which go from the corner of the mouth down to the bottom of the chin. Over time they become deeper and start to change the appearance of your face. Different features become emphasized when these lines start to become prominent, but with a next-generation dermal filler, you can give your skin the support it needs to help you feel like yourself again.


Restylane Silk is the newest addition to the well-known Restylane family of dermal fillers by Galderma. Approved by the FDA in 2005 for treating moderate to severe wrinkles on the face, Restylane was created to treat various fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose in addition to lip enhancement to create fuller lips. Restylane and Restylane Silk are both made from hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body that holds moisture in the skin, adding youthful volume. While the traditional Restylane has been successfully used for lip augmentation for years, Restylane Silk is specifically formulated to create a better lip enhancement effect with improved results.


Do you love Perlane? Then you’ll love the “New” Restylane Lyft, from the makers of Restylane and the new Restylane Silk. As of July 2, 2015, Restylane Lyft is now the new name for the FDA approved Perlane, a popular dermal filler indicated for cosmetic usage all across the United States since 2007. This dermal filler is designed specifically for cheek augmentation and other cheek enhancement procedures. By using this filler, it is possible to reduce the appearance of smile lines while also filling out hollow cheekbones. While these are the most common uses approved by the FDA, the treatment has also been used along the jawline and temples.

Restylane Before and After

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