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Male Waxing For Men In Salt Lake City
Waxing is considered the most effective method for removing unwanted hairs from practically any part of the body. Waxing is the epilation method which ensures complete removal of hair shafts from underneath the skin’s surface. Waxing is also one of the longest lasting temporary hair removal methods.

Generally it is takes 3-8 weeks for new hair to grow back in the waxed area. The major advantage of waxing is that any body parts like the face, eyebrows, underarms, arms, legs, etc. can be waxed.


  • Longer Lasting Smooth, Hair-free Skin: The duration of growth of new hair varies from person to person and skin types but typically it takes around three to eight weeks.
  • Reduced Skin Damage: Compared to other hair removing methods like creams or shaving, waxing does not have negative effect on the skin. Even the wax used for the process is 100 percent natural so chances of a reaction due to harsh chemicals are reduced drastically.
  • Finer Body Hair: Hairs that grow back after waxing are soft and fine. Another advantage of waxing is that it does not cause the ugly stubble typically associated with shaving.
  • Exfoliation: Waxing rejuvenates skin and removes dead skin cells, indirectly serving as a skin exfoliatior
  • Diminished Hair Growth: Regular waxing diminishes hair growth. Gradually you will observe sparse and scanty hair growth, which in some cases can lead to complete cessation of hair growth.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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