YAG Laser Treatments -
Gentle on your Skin

One of our newest and most popular laser treatments is the versatile Yag Laser Treatment. It's different in the fact that it's a gentle laser treatment that achieves some great results with little or no downtime. It's also know as the Gentle Max Pro, a laser system that is actually a combination of two very effective lasers, the Alexandrite laser and the Ng: YAG laser. Both of these lasers use different lengths of concentrated, near-infrared light for a maximum depth of skin penetration. These types of lasers are gentle on the surface of the skin and don’t require downtime.

These lasers can do wonders for your skin and can help treat a number of different skin conditions. The Gentle Max Pro is the perfect pick-me-up for the New Year. Whatever your needs are, we have several laser options for you at our fingertips.

What symptoms are successfully treated with the YAG laser?

  • Sun-damaged skin like sunspots and even freckles. All of us have this, whether it is from last summer or from skiing at high elevations. Sometimes fall/winter is described as “laser season” because it is a great time to get your skin looking great during a time of year with less sunlight. You can more easily treat and protect your skin.
  • Hair removal. These lasers SHINE in the hair removal category. They have been shown to be effective for a range of skin tones and hair types. For effective hair removal, plan on doing 2-6 treatments over the course of several months. Lasers damage hair follicles, so that hair can’t grow back.
  • Acne. These lasers can help acne by killing bacteria and disabling overactive oil glands in the skin. They can also help speed the healing process of your skin. Because they stimulate the body to produce collagen and elastin, the appearance of acne scarring is diminished.
  • Appearance of veins. Do you have visible spider veins on your face or on your legs? These lasers can take care of them in 1-3 treatments.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines. Again, they stimulate your body to “fill in” wrinkles and fine lines with collagen and elastin. The YAG and Alexandrite lasers are also great to combine with other treatments like chemical peels for even more dramatic skin rejuvenation.
  • Tattoo Removal.
  • Nail Fungus.

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